Jewelry Care

In order to keep your fine jewelry looking fine, there are a few steps to follow in order to maintain that shine. Here is some advice we've collected to help take care of your fine jewelry. 

Why does my sterling silver jewelry tarnish?

Sterling Silver can be very sensitive to water, beauty products and can even tarnish due to a chemical reaction in our individual bodies. 

Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, doing dishes or cleaning the house. Any activity that involves chemicals or waters is not good for your fine jewelry. 

Put your fine jewelry on as the last step of your morning routine to avoid make-up, hairsprays, body sprays, perfumes or other products. Think of it as the finishing touch!

Avoid wearing your jewelry when cooking in the kitchen or doing any heavy lifting. 

How do I store my sterling silver jewelry? 

Store your sterling silver in a dark, air-tight space. Plastic bags work well but a jewelry box is best. 

Please keep in mind, each person handles their jewelry differently. Sometimes these things may not always be practical in our day-to-day, but always good to keep in mind. 

How do I care for my gold jewelry? 

Similar steps for sterling silver apply to keep your gold looking brand new. 

Avoid bodies of water, heavy duty cleaning or cooking. 

Take your jewelry off before showering or sleeping to avoid any accidents involving prongs being pulled or stones coming loose. 

How do I store my gold jewelry? 

Store your gold individually in a soft cloth or the box that came with your gold piece. Gold can sometimes be prone to scratching and storing them separately will eliminate the possibility of that happening. 

How do I clean my jewelry?

Jewelry cleaner and polishing cloths work best. You can purchase both at our Redford location. Cleaner is sold separately for sterling silver and gold. 

If neither of those products are available to you, warm soapy water and a fine toothbrush will do the job. 


One Stop Jewelers offers free cleanings at our location! We use an ultrasonic cleaner to lift any dirt in crevices. Our Redford location also offers polishing for a fee dependent on each individual item.